Mile Building


Join us for specially tailored and Yachtmaster Instructor-led longer passages to build the miles required for your advanced sailing qualifications.

We therefore offer mile building trips, both on this side of the pond as well as in the sunnier climes of the Caribbean.

If embarking on a trip from our base in Lymington, you have the option of sailing over to Cherbourg – a beautiful little town in Normandy where the Titanic made one of its last stops on its fateful final journey (but don’t let that put you off!), or to some of Britain’s most famous coastal ports: Dartmouth, Chichester, Falmouth, Plymouth, Salcombe – the options are endless!

Alternatively, the Caribbean islands provide plenty of scope and gathering your miles whilst sailing around them offers a unique insight into the islands in their entirety that many single-destination travellers miss out on. We can arrange for you to build your miles in Antigua, arguably the sailing capital of the Caribbean and home to former British Naval base and now UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson’s Dockyard…or beautiful Barbados, a favourite of the rich and famous, and steeped in its own yachting history. Or perhaps you’d like to explore the waters surrounding mountainous Montserrat, otherwise known as the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’ and, appropriately enough, are the only other country in the world to recognise St Patrick’s Day as a public holiday!

Not only is the Caribbean home to some incredible sailing and diving opportunities, where breath-taking sunsets and almost wall-to-wall sunshine are the norm, but the climate in this part of the world is at its best when Britain’s really isn’t, so it’s also a great chance to start building your yachtie’s tan early in the year!