About us


We’ve been going strong for 9 years now, and can boast some of the best skippers in the business. With over 2 million (yes, 2 MILLION!) miles between them, as well as a multitude of Atlantic and Pacific crossings and buckets of Regatta experience, you’d be hard pushed to find a more accomplished or well-equipped team!

Our skippers come from all walks of life: we have a number of ex-Army/Navy superstars, an award-winning jazz trumpeter with a doctorate as well as a prolific house builder - to name but a few – but what unites our core crew is a deep love of sailing and appreciation and respect for the ocean. We feel very lucky to have them on board, and can guarantee you are in the best possible hands for your adventures on the water.

With so many miles under their belts, you can imagine our skippers have some incredible tales of life on the high seas, which they will happily share with you given half a chance! If you’d like to get to know the Sea Jay’s A-Team a little better, feel free to have a look at their individual profiles below...

our team

Skippers we have on board are:



Andrew Mackenzie (Sail Instructor)

Jamie Griffin (Chief Instructor Power & Yachtmaster Instructor)

Euan Montgomerry (Yachtmaster Instructor)

John Eacott (Yachtmaster Instructor)

Sam Evans

Mark Nield

Tony Lascelles (Powerboat Instructor)

Paul Drew (Powerboat Instructor)